4 Different Types of Entrepreneurship (+ Characteristics)

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Entrepreneurs be like introducing new product around innovation to change the world. Entrepreneurs are capable to taking risks, leadership, communication, and technical skills. All they need to give best product and generate profits. Find more information about different classification of entrepreneurship.

4 Different Types of Entrepreneurship:

  1. Small Business Entrepreneurship
  2. Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship
  3. Large Company Entrepreneurship
  4. Social Entrepreneurship

Characteristics of Entrepreneurship:

  1. Ability to take a risk
  2. Innovation
  3. Visionary and Leadership quality
  4. Open-Minded
  5. Flexible
  6. Know your Product

Importance of Entrepreneurship:

  1. Creation of Employment
  2. Innovation
  3. Impact on Society and Community Development
  4. Increase Standard of Living
  5. Supports research and development

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