Setting Up Local business listing sites

Setting Up Local business listing sites:

There are some core metrics of business listing sites

Each time you create a structured local business listing sites page, whether at Google, Facebook, Yelp, BusynessProfile or elsewhere, you’ll be filling out a profile form with a specific list of fields:

  • Business Name or Title
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Categories
  • Description
  • Tagline
  • Amenities
  • Working Hours
  • Social profiles
  • Images
  • Certifications
  • Payment accepted

If you’re building your citations manually, you should create a document with all of the above fields pre-filled with your accurate information to ensure consistency and prevent mistakes. Choose the convenience of a local business listing sites service like BusynessProfile, you should prepare to fill out these fields in a one-time form.

What to include in your local business listing sites?

Business Name or Title:

Always use your real business name in this field. So be sure the way you format your name matches the sign on your business, website logo, and the way your phone is answered. Do not add additional keywords, geographic terms, or other modifiers to your business name.


Always list your real address, with no additions or alterations. PO boxes and unstaffed virtual offices are not considered real addresses and you should not build local business listings for them.

Phone number:

Many Listing forms will also allow you to list an alternate phone number. Make sure your website and all of your citations consistently use this number.

Website URL:

This is an area where you can get a link to your site. Perhaps you’ll find that your rankings increase if you point all of your listings to your homepage, as it has higher authority than an internal page.


Most local business listing sites data platforms have a set of categories you’ll be choosing from to define what your business is. You’ll typically select 1–10 of these categories.


This field is an opportunity to highlight the most persuasive and impactful elements of your business — the things that most convince a potential customer to choose you. Typically, you’ll have several hundred characters available to create a short pitch for your company.


Some local business listing sites have a field for entering a tagline. There’s no need to create one if you don’t have, but for small or medium or big brands whose taglines have become locally famous, this field can help with visitor recognition.


Update with features and amenities of your business to get confident about your business to make a decision.

Working Hours:

Working hours are key components in estimating business growth and hourly wages as well as being a useful cyclical indicator in their own right, so measuring them correctly is important on local business listing sites.

Social profiles:

Social profiles are important because it allows you to reach people locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. If you understand the behavior of your target audience, you will be able to personalize your messages to resonate with that audience more appropriately.


Google has stated that images have a major impact on a local business listing, so it’s always a better idea to update perfect images as you can whenever a platform presents the opportunity.


If trust your business relies on licenses or certifications, be sure you’re including this information whenever a platform makes this field available.

Payment accepted:

Many platforms allow you to update which payment methods you prefer, from cash only to digital wallets. If your business supports the most modern payment technologies, make good use of this field to influence consumers’ decisions to prefer you

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