Best and Software For School Management System – October 2023

Best Software for School Management System 

Finding the best School Management Software/Software for your business is now simple and faster! Find the perfect best School Management Software/System.

Top and Best Software for School Management System

MyClassCampus – India’s leading school ERP software

MyClassCampus is an All in One ERP solution with one of the Most Advanced Mobile Apps to help institutes operate most effectively.

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App: Yes

Free Trial: Yes

Schoolknot – School Management software Company provides Mobile ERP to schools. 

Starting Price: ₹10 Student/Month

Mobile App: Yes

API: Yes

Free Trial: Yes

Chanakya ERP – Innovating Schools

Chanakya ERP is a multipurpose school/college management software used by many educational institutions.

Starting Price: ₹18000 Per Year

Clobas – BEST SCHOOL ERP – (Cloud Portal + Mobile App )

CLOBAS is a cloud-based campus management system designed to help educational institutions accelerate growth and enhance their operational efficiency. 

Mobile App: Yes


Most user-friendly school management system

Implemented in 13000+ schools, Entab provides a cloud-based solution to easily manage the school daily administrative tasks. 

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App: Yes

Free Trial: Yes

HDSchool – A robust school management software

HDSchool is a school management system which offers a robust set of features, such as course management, payroll, and more. 

Starting Price: ₹1300 Per Month

Free Trial: Yes

Edunext Technologies – School Management Software

India’s most appreciated school ERP, Edunext school management software is cloud based School Management Software ensuring robustness and scalability.

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App: Yes

Free Trial: Yes

Iitms – School Management System Software

MasterSoft offers Education ERP Solutions that ensure management of all academic & non academic operations while optimising resource utilization and ensuring transparency across all departments.

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App: Yes

Free Trial: Yes

More Information about School Management Software:

School Management Software Features:

  • Easy User Interface (UI)
  • Personalised, role-based access
  • Easiest and Fastest Implementation of Any ERP
  • Easiest ERP to Learn and Use
  • Free Demonstration
  • Works across Platforms
  • Live support
  • Multi-User Functionality
  • Customisable Modules
  • Data Security and Backup
  • Cost and Energy Saving
  • SMS and Email Integration

School Management Portal Benefits

We can create below school management portals for easy navigation

  • Principal Portal
  • Management Portal
  • Teacher Portal
  • Parent Portal
  • Administrative Portal
  • Academic Portal
  • Communication Portal
  • Financial Portal


What is School Management Software?

A School Management Software is a collection of school instructions based on daily basis plans, and it’s specially designed to monitor the day to day activities of schools. The School Management System allows schools to digitally analyze the daily tasks.

How much does a school management System cost?

The cost of school management software depends on various aspects like – number of modules, student volume, features & implementation services, etc.

Which one is the most important module in the school management System?

Admission, Payment, Online Examination, Day to Day Activities

What are the types of these solutions available in the market?

Currently, School Software modules are in offline type as well as online type. Cloud solutions are also available.

Is it difficult to use the School Management System?

Not at all.

Which software is used in school?

The term includes everything from student information systems and classroom management software to reference management software and language learning software, and many more.

Is Google classroom software?

Google Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system that is a part of Google Apps for Education.

What are the school management software modules?

  • School administration module
  • Student Module
  • Assessment module
  • HR module
  • Resource Module
  • Campus management module
  • Examination management module
  • Leave, and attendance module
  • School timetable module
  • Student fee management and payroll system

More Software and Tools:


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