About Infosys Company

Infosys is a well-known name within India and across the globe. It’s a multinational corporation and also the 3rd largest IT firm within the country. Infosys was conceived way back in 1981 in Pune, India, by Narayan Murthy and six other individuals with an investment of $250. The company is well-respected in the market and have provided their services to many well-known companies across the blue planet. In 1983, Infosys shifted its headquarters from Pune to Bangalore, and their first-ever client was the Data Business Corporation from New York City, USA. Are you interested to learn more about Infosys? Check out the information provided in this article to learn more. 

Taking A Look At The Past

When it comes to learning about Infosys company profile, you need to look at the company’s past and how it all started. Back in 1987, the company opened up its first overseas office in Boston, USA, and it’s all thanks to their partnership with KSA or Kurt Salmon Association, a management consultancy company. After that, the company changed its name from Infosys Consultancy Pvt. Ltd to Infosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd in April 1992. In the same year, in June, it transformed into a public limited company. After a year, Infosys introduced the ESOP or Employment Stock Option Plan program and obtained an ISO 9001 or tick IT certification. 

The Services And Products Of Infosys

Here, in this section, you will gain more useful Infosys company information related to the firm’s products and services. Look below!

  1. Outsourcing Solutions: The company has completely revolutionized the outsourcing portfolio by offering robust and cost-effective methods. Doing so will help in ensuring enhanced and higher business models. 
  2. Business Solutions: Infosys have clients across various industries within the blue planet. The company provides expertise in the form of pre-packaged technologies, applications, and functions, which will help overcome all the obstacles. 
  3. Commerce: The IT company offers structures both in digital commerce and micro-commerce. It has also performed a meaningful role in the same area by personalizing commerce strategies and variable cost structures according to the customers’ needs and wants. 
  4. Banking Software Services: The company offers outstanding banking solutions under the name Infosys Finacle. Their solutions are helping all the banks to enhance their ways of providing their services. They also provide integrated and holistic support, which will help the banks operate smoothly and hassle-free. 
  5. Digital Marketing Solutions: Brandage is the company’s cloud-based platform that offers digital marketing-related services and solutions. The platform is created to understand the target segment and help engage all the customers across a wide range of digital channels. 

Ending Words

Infosys was created by a group of engineers who grew up within a middle-class home. The company saw many ups and downs, but it worked extremely hard to become one of the country’s best and leading IT companies. Currently, the company provides services to businesses across the globe and has offices in many nations. The company is still working on providing much better services and solutions to their clients within the country and across the globe.


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